Performance Reviews, not just the annual event

Conducting the performance review can be a daunting task if only performed once a year.  It becomes a task when it is included on a list of things to do versus a part of conversations throughout the year.  The performance review is a time to give feedback to the employee on their performance.  

When there are not enough hours in the day, create the 1 minute you need.

  • Often times after the 1st email chimes into our Inbox the daily grind begins.  From one meeting to the next and email checks in between, where does the time go?  

    Development Plans, an essential tool for future development

  • A development plan is a tool that can be used to further identify strengths and opportunities for development.  Sometimes the development plans are aligned with the performance reviews and focus on an employee’s professional development.  

    Exit Interviews can provide valuable information for the future

  • As more employees are making decisions to leave their current positions, exit interviews remain a topic of interest.  When an employee leaves a company, not only are they taking a wealth of knowledge with them, they have information that could prove useful in an exit interview.