• Assessments

      MBTI (Myers Briggs)
    • Online self-report that identifies personality type and links to emotional intelligence constructs. MBTI can be used to support leadership development, team building, and conflict resolution.
    • Emergenetics
    • Online assessment profile that looks at your distinctive thinking and behavioral attribute combination. The profile focuses on how an individual approaches work and how the preference to interact and communicate with others.
    • Hogan Assessment
    • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) - Online self-report that assesses strengths and developmental needs pertaining to leadership and management based on identified competencies.
    • Hogan Development Survey (HDS) - Online self-report that indicates insights about behavior that could potentially undermine or inhibit performance.
    • 360 One-on-one interviews
    • Utilize one-on-one interviews with a leader's peers, direct reports, manager and clients to increase the leader's self-awareness and support their individual development opportunities.

Team Development Workshops

  • Customer Service Refreshers
  • Navigating through the Winds of Change
  • Building 5 Foundations of a Team

Organizational Culture/On-boarding

  • The First 90 Days in the new position
  • Employee Engagement
  • Acceleration Checklist
  • Organizational Assessment

Executive Leadership Coaching

Think for a moment of a senior executive who, if he or she were to change their ways, would be easier to work with, make more cost effective decisions, and would be more likely to become the CEO. Tools for enhanced learning include:

  • Versatile EQ. Powerful networks. Leading with the Speed of Trust. New cultural insightfulness. On-boarding.
  • Career management. Executive presence. Leadership branding. Personal effectiveness.
  • Broader executive behavior bandwidth. Skills for complex organizational change. Fast internal emotional and mental processes.